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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bad day for agent Anima 2. No bounty for bounty hunter Kate. Fetish Movie

Kate stands beside the table with already tied hands and legs, he gages her with few stripes of tape over her mouth. Breast-ropes her, forces her to lie on the table, hogties her, goes behind her legs ties her wriggling dirty big toes together with a very thin long string. Next he leaves her alone for some struggling. Little later Helga starts to tickle her soles with her fingers, Kate wriggles like hell and she's very feisty He takes off the tape and asks if she's alone, Kate tells him no He pulls back her hair, puts his hand over her mouth, tells her that she's lying. Helga tickles her some more and has an idea for some more fun He puts a ball gage in her mouth, they untie her form hogtie and toe-tie and tell her to sit still on the table. Kate doesn't think so, hops around looking for something to cut the ropes when they get her to the bamboo bar Kate is perplexed... He ties Kate's feet onto the bamboo bar then ties her big toes together, Helga enters with a mysterious smile and some tickle instruments. Oh no, thinks Kate and starts to wriggle when Helga tickles her soles (and then ribs a little bit). Kate is pissed and wriggles, after some time Helga tells him to tie another thin string from her tied toes to her tied feet and pulls back her big toes so she a little more vulnerable. He leaves to get the car and check outside, tells Helga to start later with searching for valuables/money and always keeping an eye on Kate. Kate is totally free was able to overtake and knockout the careless Helga. Who is on the floor with already tied hands and legs when Kate wants to start tying her feet, when he returns and surprises Kate... Kate is sitting on the table with already tied hands and legs and tells him that she will get him while his tying her feet. Helga is lying on the table nearby and is coming around slowly. He puts 2-3 stripes of tape over Kate's mouth to really keep her silent then breast ropes her, forces her on the table puts her in a very tight hogtie, ties her wriggling big toes tight together with a thin long string. He starts to tie Helga legs when she slowly awakens. - "Are you insane what are you doing!" He puts few strips of tape over her mouth and tells Helga that she didn't pay attention, but luckily Kate was alone so he decided to take all money for himself. He breast ropes her, down on the table beside Kate, puts her in a hogtie, ties her wriggling big toes tight together with a thin long string. Leaves them alone for some struggling, to search for all the valuables and money They wriggle like hell when he returns To annoy them he adds another thin long string from Kate's tied toes to her tied arms and to annoy Helga even more he first ties all her toes together, also adds the sting from her tied toes to her arms - "I told you to keep an eye on her!" He laughs, takes the goods and leaves them alone for the final struggling You may also like: Payback! Where is my money?

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920x1080,, 4529 kbps, 23.976 fps
Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 317 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 58:32.800
Size: 2029,526 Mb
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